Wednesday, 6 March 2013

MicroMax A110 Connecting Internet through USB

Yap its very simple if you r using Vista,7 or 8 no need for PC Suite...just connect it through USB, ur OS will automatically install the driver and make some change in ur MAX Mobile Settings as follows:

1. Connect your mobile to PC using the USB cable.
2. Go to Settings -> wireless & networks.
3. Select tethering and portable hotspot. Check on USB tethering(select it)
4. Then your PC will install the drivers automatically.
5. Enjoy Internet Browsing in your PC or Laptop.

You will now be able to use the data connection from the phone on your PC.


  1. thank you , will try this

  2. Hi, I am window xp user, I tried to connect internet on my laptop through micromax A121, (USB tearthing) but connection could not established, what I to do?